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About Rebecca Wesson Singleton

Things I love..

…my husband and biggest supporter, Corbin

…golden hour tones 

…the special people I get to meet on this exciting journey of storytelling

I fall for..

…powder sugar doughnuts 


…all things linen 

I am a fine art story teller. My inspiration for photography and story telling started with parents and childhood. They showed me the value of living in the moment, making lifelong friends, and in-so-doing the memories that are cherished forever. Through the years I’ve watched the different events my parents hosted, and recognized the beauty in the raw indelible moments shared between family and friends, no matter the occasion. 

I hold to the deep belief that there are true  beautiful stories of unreserved grace happening in the lives all around us just waiting to be recognized and cherished. As a fine art photographer I strive to capture yours and tell your story: harness the raw unique moments created, and preserve them for generations to come. 

I want to invest time in my relationship with you to ensure that I am the best at capturing your love through the lens. Because when I photograph a wedding I am doing more than taking a picture at a happy event:  The story and images I capture will be passed down in your family for generations to come so when your grandchildren ask for your story, you can show them where it all began.

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